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Vertical blinds


Vertical blinds are perfect for tall windows or patio doors for the office or home, as they block incoming light when shut but when open enable you to take full advantage of the view. They are very practical as they give you a level of privacy while the adjustable angle of the slats allows you to let as much light as you want into your room.  The great thing with vertical blinds is that they need very little cleaning as it’s harder for dust to settle on the slats.


All of our vertical blinds are made to measure and come as standard with a white or brown headrail with the choice of top fix or face fix brackets.   The following control options are also available:


  • Right hand control and right hand draw.

  • Left hand control and left hand draw.

  • Right hand control and split draw

  • Left hand control and split draw


We have 3 ½ or 5 inch slats available that can be cut to fit any window.  You can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns in polyester fabric or banlight fabric.  To see the full collection of vertical blinds we have in stock either pop in to our shop in the Peoples Market in Wrexham or give us a call on 01978 359972 for more information.


* You can also purchase individual headrails, individual slats, bottom chains, bottom weights and top hangers from us separately.  

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