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Awnings & Canopys



Awnings and canopy’s are ideal for residential or commercial use including shops, pubs and restaurants.




All of our awnings and canopy’s are made to measure with UV protection and a TEX guard finish as well as a heat and energy saving function. They are 100% acrylic as well as being water and soil repellent.  They are all cased in a full cassette system with a coated aluminium frame, giving the awning complete protection from the elements.  




The specially designed elliptical arms are adjustable to enable you to alter the slope of the awning from almost horizontal to a relatively steep tilt of approx 35 degrees from the horizontal and the integrated gutter in the front bar allows water to run off.

You can choose from a manual or electric awning.  The manual awnings are operated by a winder on the side and the electric awnings can be operated by a wall switch or by remote control (all of our electric awnings include a handle to operate the awning manually).




The awnings and canopy’s have a sensor fitted that will close the awning in high winds and can also be set to open the awning automatically when the sun comes out.




The full cassette awning is available in 9 different colours and the polyester and acrylic fabrics are waterproof, rot-proof, PU and UV stabilised and easy to clean. Call us now on 01978 359972 now for a free quote!

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