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Venetian blinds


Our venetian blinds are ideal for kitchens and conservatories due to their high efficiency in either directing natural light when slats are open or blocking it when the slats are tilted closed. As well as being able to control light, they also give you extra privacy, especially if some of the rooms in your house are looked over by neighbours or passersby.


Our venetian blinds are made to measure and are available in three different slat widths:


  • 25 millimetres

  • 35 millimetres

  • 50 millimetres


The 25mm slats come with a colour coordinated top rail and bottom rail with a wand operation whereas the 35mm and 50mm come with a white top rail and a white bottom rail with cord controls as standard.


We have a wide range of venetian blinds available in matt or gloss colours as well as wood effect colours.  If you’re interested in having venetian blinds in your home or office give us a call us on 01978 359972 now for a free quote!

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